Employer Satisfaction Certificates

Employer Satisfaction Certificates رضایت نامه های کارفرما 1 رضایت نامه های کارفرما 2 رضایت نامه های کارفرما 3 رضایت نامه های کارفرما 4 رضایت نامه های کارفرما 5 رضایت نامه های کارفرما 6 رضایت نامه های کارفرما 7 رضایت نامه های کارفرما 8  

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE)

ATA Energy Paydar Integrated Management System (IMS), pertaining to quality, health, safety and environmental management, has been established to ensure that all the engineering, procurement and construction activities of projects comply with the requirements of relevant QHSE standards including OHSAS 18001, ISO/TS 29001, ISO14001, and ISO9001. As these standards are updated in the course of time, ATA Energy Paydar IMS accordingly is updated and enhanced.…

Our Facility and Human Resources

Highly qualified manager, specialists, engineers, technicians and support personnel and cooperate with each other to drive any project we undertake to success. We are capable of expanding our expert workforce capacity as required and have access to our affiliated companies, subcontractors, freelance specialists when needed, to meet our commitments. Currently, many engineers, technicians, and other staff are working in our offices and project sites.

MC Services

The executive service of oil industry plans are announced from the minister of oil industry according to circular of number 1507-8/32, by date of 8/6/78, similar with more progressive execution methods, considered the quad methods, considered the quad methods of plans executive organization, too. Additionally, 3 factors, employer, advisor and contractor, the factor of plan management will enter authorities and responsibilities, delay in performance of…

Our People

Highly qualified managers, specialists, engineers, technicians and support personnel interact and cooperate with each other to drive any project we undertake to success. Our people work in a friendly environment, have many opportunities to learn and grow, and adhere to ATA Energy Paydar core values and professionalism while performing their duties.


As a knowledge-based company, Sustainable Energy sees education as one of the fundamental values and is a critical factor in the continuous improvement of processes, practices, and practices. Sustainable Energy Education Goals include: Improve the technical/professional knowledge of the staff Synchronize with the knowledge and technology of the day Enhancement of attachment, quality of work and staffing Continuous improvement of service quality and project products

About ATA Energy Paydar

ATA Energy Paydar Consulting Engineers was established in 2011 by a group of professional engineers of oil and civil industries having remarkable experiences in different projects. ATA Energy Paydar Consulting Engineers compensated the absence of foreign experts in order to complete and commission unfinished national projects during rehabilitation period be rendering its satisfactory and professional services and quality while creating an applicable opportunity for experts…