The executive service of oil industry plans are announced from the minister of oil industry according to circular of number 1507-8/32, by date of 8/6/78, similar with more progressive execution methods, considered the quad methods, considered the quad methods of plans executive organization, too.

Additionally, 3 factors, employer, advisor and contractor, the factor of plan management will enter authorities and responsibilities, delay in performance of acts in the reason of organization difficulties will be solved.

This factor for preventing the time and energy losses in construction projects and running this plan based on time and pretended costs in paragraph 2-3 of the first season,  the most of the executive system of the oil industry, is called contract management (management contractor =Mc). In this method contractor or the plan manager (MC) is counted as one of the members of the employer team based on wage agreement and far from contractor profitable tendencies, performed the managing services in construction.

In the other hand, contract managing, have a responsibility for time managing, controlling the cost and quality of the plan and after the final accept, as a performing the project, will communicate with the employer.

The “ATA Energy Paydar consulting engineers” is known as one of the highest reputable companies in contract managing and supplying the workers for employees, supported with professional members and huge technical base earns in experiences, fundamentally from the excessive projects in the energy industry, to provide services on contract management. Basically, the heads of service management for completing the building, utilization and right maintenance of the different units, the project is done by ” ATA Energy Paydar consulting engineers” included to this cases :

  • Editing the method and execution system services
  • Managing and adjusting the contract’s services
  • Work referring services
  • Scheduling and control project services
  • Determining, payment controlling, legal affairs of contracts services.